Moss seems to be a common concern for a lot of people. The problem I commonly come across is that people either want me to apply a product to get rid of it or they have applied a product themselves to get rid of it.
When I am asked to apply something I always inform the customer that it is very unnecessary. In the 10 years that I have never given in to the customer on this matter because I feel it is a complete waste of money. Once people understand what causes moss to grow and what the results are from applying products they usually thank me for saving them time and money. unfortunately It usually takes some time to get to this point.

There are several products on the market to kill moss. I mean several. Most of these products work great, they actually kill the moss very fast. I know what your thinking now, " But Lawn Care Dr, Why wouldn't I use these products if they work so well".

Here's your answer.

When you apply a product to kill moss, what that product does is kill the moss. When the moss dies, it turns black and then needs to be raked out. If it is not raked out it will remain there but instead of green moss you now have black moss.
Also, no product will stop moss from returning because moss is an environmental issue and will continue to grow in the same area until other measures are taken to prevent the moss from returning.

To get rid of moss without any product, a simple raking of the area needs to be done. Moss has a root system of 2 millimeters. I generally brush it aside with my foot and then pick it up to remove it.

As you can see, whether you buy something for it or not, you are still going to have to rake it up, so why not skip all the other steps and go straight to raking it up and SAVE MONEY.

There are several companies that will tell you that they have a product that controls moss. I am sure that they do. I just hope that these companies explain to you what is going to happen when they control the moss. Shame on them if they don't.

To learn how to help reduce and prevent moss in the future visit the How To section of this site.

Just another one of the Lawn Care Dr.'s Opinions