Cough cough cough, what's that you say. Looks like every time the ball hits the ground or she does her cartwheel there seems to be a dust cloud in the air.
O.K maybe a dust cloud is a little dramatic, but are there some areas in the lawn that is just obvious that there is no grass there and you are pretty sure there was no grass there last year either.

don't worry about it. fall may be the best time to seed but spring is a close second and spring is now. So lets get the equipment ready so we can go back to enjoy the rest of the day.

Should I seed now or wait until a later time: Although fall is the best time to seed, if it wasn't done during that time then waiting until next fall is not recommended. Spring is the second best time to seed.

How do I seed the lawn: See the How To Seed A Lawn area for instructions.