I don't think that there could be a more boring subject than weeds, but we need to talk about it. Many different plants are classified as weeds. Some homeowners may plant a specific plant that other consider weeds. This is especially true with most ground covers. I have seen some homeowners plant violets and clover as ground cover while others want them removed immediately from their lawn.
A weed is considered any unwanted plant. Plants such as Ground Ivy, Nutsedge, Tall Fescue, Violets, Clover, Chickweed and so on are very appealing plants to some but quite an annoyance to many.
There are several ways of preventing all sorts of weeds regardless of the type of plant that it is. These methods very in many ways depending on the actual plant. Some prefer dry, open areas and thrive off heat. These plants would obviously be prevented by thickening the turf and keeping the turf moist.

Other weeds tend to thrive off of cool shaded areas so the method of controlling them would obviously be different. I have a complete description of each weed located on the weed identification page. This page will help you to understand what environment each weed prefers so that you will have a better understanding of how to maintain your lawn to help prevent each weed.
As always, I recommend trying to prevent these weeds so that you are not resorting only on chemical control as your only method. There are excellent products and services available to control weeds but prevention is always the best control.

Once again Please feel free to contact me if you are unable to locate the information you need.

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The Lawn Care Dr.