Drop Spreader? Rotary Spreader? Which one should I use? Well depending on who you ask you may get several different answers and opinions so I can only do the obvious and through in my opinion as well.
You will not see any instructional videos or read any how to tutorials that will involve a drop spreader on this site. Drop spreaders are a convenient to own spreaders for in a pinch situations, but here at Free Lawn Care Tips that's not good enough.

I want to do my best to show you how to do the best job with the best equipment and in the most cost efficient manner and I have found that in many cases, using a drop spreader may be cheaper up front but will cost you more in the long run when the job doesn't get done right the first time.

When choosing a spreader, in my opinion it is always best to choose a Rotary Spreader before a Drop Spreader for several reasons.

1) A Rotary Spreader provides more of an even application.
2) A Rotary Spreader clogs less often.
3) A Rotary Spreader is easier to calibrate the amount of product flow.
4) A Rotary Spreader is easier to maintain.
5) A Rotary Spreader is easier to operate.
6) A Rotary Spreader covers areas faster.

As I mentioned before, we all have our opinions and there is nothing wrong with that. Just remember that any instructions from this site that involves a spreader will involve a Rotary Spreader and for best results I personally recommend you use one as well.

There are several Rotary Spreaders on the market and to be completely honest with you, if you are using it for your home and your home only. meaning it will only be used 10 times or less annually, there is no reason to go spend top dollar for a high end spreader. Buy the cheep one.

Another Tip from the Lawn Tip Guy at Free Lawn Tips.

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