Time and time again I get customers requesting that I apply a Fungicide application to their lawn when it is not necessary. After spending a lot of time explaining to the customer and walking away feeling as though I have educated the customer enough to understand that there are alternatives to clearing Fungi an Disease other than applying a product, I later return to discover they just had someone else do it.

We have become a society where we have so much knowledge at our finger tips it is amazing to me still. With all this knowledge available I have always encouraged my customers to not just take my word for it but to investigate and ask as many people as they wish so they can be sure they are doing the right thing.

What I don't understand is when you have have one person refusing to take your money because it is not necessary, and you have another company wanting to charge a lot of money. Why wouldn't you want to try the free approach first.

It is for this very purpose that I have created LawnCareDr.Com. I have worked for a National lawn care company for almost 10 years. I deal with other companies misleading my customers all the time to make a quick buck.

What a lot of people do not realize is, there are only a select few times when a Fungicide application is needed. It is important not to over look the signs and symptoms of a lawn disease or fungi because if over looked to long it will be to late for the Fungicide.

If the conditions are severe enough to warrant a Fungicide, then very specific procedures must be followed. It is very import as a lawn care professional to try to avoid working around the homeowners schedule at this point and work around the timing and condition of the disease or fungi. A Fungicide must be applied at very specific temperatures and very specific stages of the disease as well as receive very specific cultural practices such as watering and mowing. 

It is almost certain that if the disease has reached a stage that requires fungicide, then it will need to be done more than once and probably need to be done annually as well.

If you are approached by a company or individual who guarantees they can get rid of your disease in one application then I strongly advise avoiding them at all cost.

The strongest advice I can give to you regarding lawn disease and fungi is to read about them, and determine what type you have and follow any recommendations prior to applying any fungicide.