I was reading this forum page today that I just haven't been able to shake. The forum discussed how we should use local companies and avoid using Nationally owned companies. Although the person posting his opinion seemed to be a very inteligent individual, the statements were just not fact at all.

The post in the forum claims that:

1) Larger companies use fertilizers that are addictive to the lawn and your lawn will require this highly chemical product and your lawn will then depend on it like crack.

Well I strongly disagree with this statement for several reasons. Your lawn requires nutrients to survive. Every lawn is different and has different needs based on the amount of nutrients it is receiving and how the nutrients are stored. There is no product on the market for commercial or residential use that will make your lawn dependent on that product. Either your lawn has the proper amount of nutrients or it doesn't.

2) This post also claims that larger Nationally owned companies only carry liquid fertilizer that are extremely high in nitrogen and only greens the lawn and not make it healthy.

Well I have dealt with larger nationally owned companies for several years. I have learned about the products available and the products they use. Nationally Owned companies have a wide variety of products available such as a liquid fertilizer mixture of 17-0-3, 19-0-5, 21-0-0, 19-19-19, and granular fertilizers with many different mixtures as well including but not limited to 19-19-19, 20-10-10, 19-0-0, 31-0-3, 30-0-6, 10-10-10, and many others including an organic program.

3) This post also claims that a Liquid fertilizer is a chemical and a granular (pelletized) fertilizer is more organic.

This is not a true statement by any means. Liquids and granular fertilizers are classified the exact same way and contain the exact same products only in different forms. The difference in organic and non organic IS NOT the difference in liquid and granular. Organic is a completely different product made with completely different materials. I do not want anyone to be mislead by anything they have read out there in this vast informational gateway. If you are looking for organic, be sure that it is organic and not just granular.

4) This post also claims that Nationally Owned companies are not familiar with each climate so are not familiar with how to treat for individual concerns.

This is yet another statement that is simply not true either. With Nationally Owned companies, each facility has it's own employees that are local. These employees have been trained by professionals that have been educated in this field and are very knowledgable in the field and have been trained for specific climates. Just as I have mentioned in this website several times, this information is for use in a specific climate, the companies are trained in their climates as well.

5) The final statement is the statement that I have been thinking about all day. The post mentioned that you should use a local companie and avoid Nationally Owned companies to keep the money local.
I think maybe 15 years ago I probably would have agreed to that statement. When there was small time shops and barely any National chains around. One thing that I have learned over the years is that when making a decision based on location of a home base or a main office, it's not a good idea.
Even if the companies home office is 2000 miles away, these are still your neighbors and friends that are leaving for work in the morning, loading their trucks and are out in your neighborhoods working hard every day. These are your neighbors that are proud to be out there making your lawn beautiful, these are your neighbors out there trying to earn a living just as you are every day and to not support them because their main office is in another state across the country just isn't fair to them.

Over the years I have dealt with and worked with many lawn care companies as well as lawn maintenance companies. Most companies although comptetive in trying to gain your business, are very respectful to each other. Local and National companies all understand what it's like to be out every day in the elements doing the best job they can for every customer. I have at least four companies that treat several properties on my street alone and on occasion they arrive at the same times. They generally get there job done and talk back and forth with each other for a while.

My point to this entire article today is that base your decision on reputation, service, cost, friendliness, quality ect. but don't base it on local or not local.

Thank You

The Lawn Care Dr.