When it comes to watering your lawn I'm sure you have heard so many different things that your head is now spinning. Some of the things I hear that my customers have been told are " Water 10 minutes every day", " Water 15 minutes every other day", " Water an hour a week" , " Water while your sleeping", " Water during the day".

Well some of these answers may be correct but only with some additional information such as water an hour a week. That may be a correct statement and it may not be. Today we will cover some inportant facts so that you can determine how much water your lawn needs.

The fact is, your lawn needs 2 inches of water per week. Wait wait wait, I know you've been told that before and your frustrated because you have no idea what equals 2 inches of water. That's why you are here. I am going to tell you how to get 2 inches of water onto your lawn.

The easiest and cheapest way to check the amount of water your lawn is getting is to measure it.

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I'm kidding, your still here aren't you. Here are some steps that will help you. I hope they are a lot better than some of the answers you have received int he past.

1) Place a tuna can or a cat food can onto the lawn where you plan on watering.

2) Turn irrigation system on or place sprinkler in the area you want to water.

3) Turn irrigation system or sprinkler on to cover the area you want to water.

4) Leave irrigation system or sprinkler system on until you have filled the tuna can or cat food can tot he top.


1) A tuna can or cat food can is 1 inch in height. Once you have filled this can to the top then your lawn has received one inch of moisture.

2) Most lawns in this area require 2 inches of water in the summer months and 1 inch of water in the earlier cooler months and the later cooler months.
I have found over the years that it is better to water the lawn 1 inch toward the beginning of the week and wait to see if it is going to rain later in the week. If you you find that it is not going rain then it will need to be water one more in later in the week. My watering schedule is usually Mondays and Thursday. If it rains after Thursday then I will skip Mondays and so on.

3) It is best to water one inch at a time instead of small increments because when you water in small increments the water never gets to absorb into the soil down to the root system. In return when this happens, the root system is forced to come up to the soil in search of moisture and this will weeken the root system usually resulting in thinning over time.

If you are watering at least one inch at a time then you are forcing the moisture down into the soil allowing the root system to search downward for moisture which in return will strengthen the root system.

4) After you watered and have filled the tuna can or cat food can. This will be a good time to walk the area and check for puddling. Your soil should be more than capable of absorbing one inch of moisture at time. If you are noticing any pudding in areas then those areas should be checked to ensure that they are not to compacted or the thatch is not to think. If this is happening than an aeration should be done so that the moisture can absorb properly or the root system may once again be forced to come up in search of moisture.