How to OverSeed a lawn:  Overseeding a lawn is a fairly simple approach to filling in large amounts of very small bare spots or to just thicken the lawn when it is thinning slightly.  I will give you a couple of options and let you decide which one you would like to apply to your lawn.

Option One:

It is ultimately best to do an Aeration to the lawn prior to seeding. An Aeration will loosen the soil and pulls 1 to 3 inch plugs from the soil which will allow the seed to penetrate into the soil getting a good seed to soil contact. Once the Aeration has been completed, the best way to apply the seed would be with a Rotary Spreader. By using a Rotary Spreader, this will allow you to control the amount of seed applied and allow you to apply it evenly so that large clumps do not form and cause patches of unsightly turf.

Step1) Determine existing grass type currently in your lawn.

Step 2) Measure Lawn to determine the size.

Step 3) Purchase a bag of seed that will cover the amount of turf that you previously measured and that is a match to the existing turf.

Step 4) fill Rotary Spreader wit the seed that you purchased.

Step 5) Set Rotary spreader to correct setting determined by directions on the bag of seed based on brand of Rotary Spreader you have.

Step 6) Once in the position in where you plan to begin the seeding, open the spreader as you begin to walk and make straight passes back and forth across the lawn as if you were mowing the lawn.

Step 7) The very last step and the most important step is to water the new seed after you have applied it. without proper watering practices then the germination rate of the seed will not be as promising as you hoped for.

Option 2:

Follow steps 1 through 6 without completing the Aeration. This is a less time consuming and less expensive approach but there will no doubt be less results as well.

Additional Notes on overseeding:

1) To help determine what type of existing grass you have, you can view the photo section or the determining your type of grass video in the instructional videos section.

2) To learn how to measure your lawn, continue reading in the How To section for a tutorial or view the How to measure a lawn video.

3) it is O.K to apply more seed than the recommendations call for as long as it is applied evenly and not clumped into one area.