The methods of measuring the lawn is determined my the purpose of measuring the lawn.
If you are measuring the lawn to determine the amount of a product to apply to a lawn, then it will not make a lot of difference if you are off by a couple hundred square feet. I know that seems like a lot of square feet to be off but keep in mind that most products give directions for applying them by the a thousand or more square feet so to be off by a hundred or so will not affect your application at all.

If you are measuring your lawn to have sod placed or any other purpose that requires an exact measurement then that's a different story. Sometimes having an exact measurement could save some money and isn't that what The Lawn Care Dr is here for. Exactly.

Here are some formulas that will help you determine the size of your lawn.

If you have a square or rectangle then wow are your luck because this formula here will be the easiest and will take no time at all. You probably won't even need a pen or paper although if your math skills are as poor as mine, you might want to grab one anyway.

How to measure a Square and Rectangle lawn method 1

If you know your acreage size and the size of your home then this method is for you.

1 acre = 43,560 Square feet

Take your total acreage, and deduct the square footage of your home and any other large objects in your lawn giving you a total square footage of your property.

Example = 2 acres (87120 Sq Ft) - Home ( 2800 Sq Ft) - Garage ( 1000 Sq Ft) - Driveway ( 1000 Sq Ft ) = 82320 Sq Ft

For those of us who have no idea what our acreage is or we just have an average city lot and we couldn't tell you what the size of our driveway or house is. The next method may be the best.

How to measure a Square and Rectangle lawn Method 2

Start by standing on the property line on the left side of the house. ( you choose which is the left). Measure from your left property line to your right property line. write how many feet that was.

Now stand on your back property  line and measure from your back property line all the way to the side walk or road ( which ever is there). Write that number down.

Now take the two numbers you have written down and multiply them together. This will give you the total Property Size

Next you will need to get the measurements of the house and driveway. Do the same steps as you just did with the lawn by measure your house length wise the width wise and multiply those two numbers together as well. This will give you the House size. You will then subtract the total of the house size from the total you got from the Property size.

Example = Property Size  78 ft x 61 ft = 4758 Sq Ft
                    House Size  14 ft x 32 ft = - 448 Sq Ft
                      Lawn Size                       3310 Sq Ft   Total

Measuring a circle lawn is going to require a little more math so grab a pen and paper and I will walk you through it.

How to measure a Circle lawn

Start at the edge of the property and measure from the edge to the center of the circle ( This gives you a radius).
Multiple the Radius by 3.14 (p) and then multiply that by the radius again. This will give you the total square footage of the property.

Then you still need to deduct the measurements from any objects that may be on the property such as your home or driveway as explained above measure the house from end to end lengthwise and width wise and any other object as well.
Example = Radius   142 ft
                  (p)         x 3.14
                              445.88 ft
        Radius          x 142 ft     
   Property Size   63,314.96 Sq Ft
   House Size      - 1,800     Sq Ft
   Lawn Size        61514.96  Sq Ft.  Total              

So now your saying " but Lawn Care Dr, my lawn isn't Square, Rectangle, or Circle, it's more of a Triangle shape. How do I measure a lawn like that"?

Well in this next section I will tell you.

How to measure a Triangle Lawn

Start in one of the corners that will stretch the farthest. Measure from that corner to the longest corner.( This will be your Base Line) Write that number down. Now go to the other corner and measure from that corner to your Base Line.( this will be your height) Write that number down.

Now you will take your Base Line and multiply that by your height and then divide the answer by 2. That will be your total sq footage for the property.
Once again you will need to deduct any objects such as your house or driveway from theses figures as well by measuring them length wise and width wise and multiplying them together.

Example =  Base Line 168
                  Height    x  92
                            /        2
    Property Size       7,728 Sq Ft
    House Size      -   1,800 Sq Ft
    Lawn Size            5,928 Sq Ft Total

So this is how to measure a lawn. I have broken it down the best way that I can in written form. Keep in mind, this is why I have a video section. Watching the video on How To Measure a Lawn will be so much easier for you.

Here are a couple other little tips and tricks on how to measure a lawn.

1) a measuring wheel is the most accurate tool when measuring a lawn. For every time the pin clicks that equals one foot. There are several different types of measuring wheels on the market. Most measuring wheels have counters like an odometer that give you the footage measured.
2) I have a slight advantage over most people because my shoe is exactly one foot in length so I can measure with my feet. if you don't want to purchase a wheel just measure your shoe with a tape measure and then measure the lawn by stepping toe against heal. Example: shoe equals 10 inches, you took 35 steps toe to heal.

       10      Inches
     x32      Steps
     320      Inches
   /  12
       26.6  Feet                                                                                                                          

Thank You very much for reading and as always, Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

The Lawn Care Dr