Controlling Moss can range from an easy task to a very difficult task.
Wait Don't leave just because I said it can be a difficult task. read this blog first to see if your situation is one of the easy ones.
Moss is generally found on the North side of most properties. It can be found throughout the entire property but it is unusual.
The reason you may find Moss on the North side of properties is because there is generally less sunlight on the North side.

Moss is caused by lack of Sunlight and excessive moisture. The two things that are found on the north side. I won't get into the details of how the sun rises and sets and all the specifics because I think you get the point.

If you are finding Moss on you property and you want to get rid of it, then you are amongst a large percentage of homeowners.

These steps will help you:

1) In the area you are finding the Moss, look around to determine if there are any objects preventing sunlight from reaching the area. If there are shrubs or tress then prune shrubs or trees back to allow more sunlight to the area. If there are any other objects then remove the objects if possible. If it is your house preventing sunlight obviously you will be unable to move that. Allowing more sunlight will help dry the area and reduce Moss and other Molds and Diseases.

2) Remove anything possible or trim back anything possible to allow more air flow to the area, Air flow will help to dry up the area faster so that the moisture will not sit on the surface cause Moss and other Molds and Diseases.

3) Generally Moss will form in the areas where the moisture has no place to escape causing the moisture to rest on the surface. The soil in the area may be to compacted and not allowing the moisture to absorb into the root system properly. Try aerating the area to loosen the soil.

4) If you have an irrigation system that waters each area the same amount, then change the setting in that particular zone so that it reduces the amount of moisture to that area. Also check to ensure that your gutters are not dripping into the area or any other water supply isn't saturating the area more than it needs.

5) Thicken the area. After all else is done, thicken the area with the same blend of grass seed as the rest of your lawn. This will help to crowd out any moss in the area.

6) Most importantly do not waste your money on any products that control moss. This is not a solution that is going to help you and you may be creating more work and spending more money than necessary.

Try to complete as many of these steps as possible and you should see at least a reduction in the amount of Moss in the area.

Another How To Tip From
The Lawn Care Dr.