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In this section you will find a list of your grass types. Click on the picture of each grass type for a full desscription of the grass plant including the life cycle of the plant, The region in which it adapts best in, The environment in which it thrives best in, The required amount of light for the plant, The best uses for the plant, Best cultural practices for the plant, and many other resources. The information in this section is brought to you courtesy of the University Of Illinois Extension.

Kentucky bluegrass is the most coomon type of turf in this region.  Most tolerant in Sunny Areas. Commonly referred to as a sunny seed.

Perennial ryegrass is the next most common turf in this region. Most tolerant in Shady areas. commonly referred to as a Shade seed.

Fine Fescues are the third most common turf in this region. Most tolerant in light shade. Most commonly referred to as  sunny/shade mix seed.

The above mentioned are the most common turf types found in this region. Generally these three turf types will be mixed together to form a healthy turf that withstand many different elements. Have you ever had a specific area in your lawn that had one problem while another area had a different problem. It is very common that this could happen due to the different types of grasses blended together. Some types are more prone to certain diseases and insects while other types are prone to different diseases and different insects.

You can view what each turf type is prone to by clicking on the picture or the link in the text next to the picture.

Below are also some turf types that may be found in the region as well. These are considered to be weeds by most homeowners because they are unsightly and generally do not cover the entire lawn, only a few small areas. The typical weed control will not remove these types of grass from your lawn.

Bentgrass is most commonly found on gulf courses but easily transfered to residential lawns. Most commonly considered a weedy grass. Very high maintenance.

Zoysiagrass is similar to bentgrass and typicaly found in the same areas. Most commonly considered a weedy grass although sometimes used to seed an entire lawn. very high maintenance.

Tall Fescue is most commonly mistaken as crabgrass by most homeowners. Typicaly found in patches in newly built subdivisions although sometimes used to seed an entire lawn. Low mainenance but unsightly and not very comfortable.

The above grass types should help you identify the types of grass found in your lawn. I have enclosed a link furnished by the University Of Illinois to help you search any additional grass types if you need to. You may also Contact Me with any additional questions that you may have. 

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