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Were you reading some of my blogs or tutorials and something I said just didn't make sense. Well that's why I created this page. Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions that I just couldn't figure out where to answer them anywhere else. If you still can't find the answer, E-mail me and I will answer it for you and of course put it in this section for others to read.

Question: Why should I mow at 3 inches?

Answer : Mowing at 3 inches is very important for several reasons.

1) The plant stores most of it's water supply toward the top of the plant so when it's mowed at 3 inches it holds water for a longer period of time, reducing the amount of watering that needs to be done.

2) The root system is the exact same length underneath the soil as the plant length above the soil. ie if you cut the grass blade to 3 inches the root system will be 3 inches, if you cut the grass blade to 2 inches the root system will be 2 inches as well. The shorter the root system these unhealthier the plant.

Question: Why should I mow in different directions each time I mow?

Answer: When the lawn is mowed in the same direction every time it tends to create small ruts in the lawn from the weight of the mower. These ruts may not seem very big to the human eye but may cause the solid to be compacted and be causing stress to the lawn. Also when mowing in the same direction each time, the plant tends to always fold in that direction and instead of getting a thorough cut, the plant may just be laying down instead.

Question: Why is it unhealthy if the soil is compacted?

Answer: If the soil is compacted it will begin to stress the lawn and eventual begin to thin the lawn. The reason for this is because as the root system is trying to expand and move through the soil, it is meeting so much resistance and not being allowed plant itself firmly and if it has nowhere further to go it will eventually struggle enough and die of as a result.

Question: Why should I avoid seeding in the summer?

Answer: Seeding in the summer has a very low germination rate. When the temperatures are too hot the seed will not have a chance to germinate before it burns up. Seed needs a lot of moisture to germinate and it is more difficult to achieve the correct amount in the summer months.

Question: My lawn was just aerated and now I have hundreds or thousands of little plugs on my lawn, What should I do with them?

Answer: These plugs will break down naturally within a few days, usually two weeks at the latest. If you rake them up then you will be disposing of some of the natural nutrients so it is best to leave them.

Question: We have a small child and what are the safest ways to fertilize our lawn so
 that she can play on it?

Answer: There are several organic fertilizers available on the market that contain all
 natural products and most professional lawn care companies offer these products
 as well. Also most lawns generally require you to keep off until the dust settles
 after an application unless someone has an allergy to such product. There is
 always a " Negligible Risk" when using any product for fertilizing but if you are still
 uneasy about it then my best suggestion would be to use an organic fertilizer and
 avoid the weed control. The weed control will contain more active ingredients that
 are known to have more side affects.

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