Alright, aren't we all excite now. Winter is finally done. We are out in the lawn trying to get it beautiful because we all want to win that beautification award this year. No. you just want to make sure your doing it right and not concerned about any award. That's O.K to. I'm glad you are here.

Mowing the lawn believe it or not can be very confusing for a lot of people. There are so many people telling us to mow this way and mow that way raise the blade to this and lower the blade to that. Well it can be very simple and I am going to make it as easy as possible. If I were to tell you in the longest version possible, then this post would be done with over but since I am trying to keep your interest I wanted to expand the post a bit.

When can I mow for the first time: The safest time to begin mowing would be when there is no more snow, and there is no frost on the lawn and there grass no longer has the crunchy feel to it. It is important to stay off the turf as long as it is still crunchy because if the crown of the plant gets broke when walking across it, it may not recover on its own and may need to be seeded in the future. you will know when it is safe when you can take your hand across the top of the grass and it no longer feels frozen. Note: The soil may still be frozen at this point but that will not affect you walking across the lawn in any way.

At what do I set the mower blade height:  For the very first mowing of the season, it is O.K to set the mower blade height at about 2 inches. Generally if this is the first mowing, you are probably only doing it to get some leaves and debris off the lawn anyways and probably not even cutting any grass blades at this point. Do not set the blade any lower than 2 inches though to avoid creating undo stress to the lawn before it has a chance to come out of dormancy. Any undo stress right now may hinder the health and appearance for the remainder of the growing season. When done with your first mowing, raise your mower blades to 3 so that you don't forget to do it next mowing. View How To Section for mowing instructions.