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These definitions are not from the dictionary, they are my definition of what the word means.

Aeration = A service that is performed with a machine that metal tines that rolls across the lawn removing 1 to 4 inches plugs of soil and places them on top of the surface leaving several hundred tiny holes in the lawn approx 1/4 inch in diameter.

Chicken Feed = To apply the product in a throwing, careless fashion and in a manner in which the exact position of landing doesn't matter as long as it is close

Core Aeration =  A machine is pushed across the lawn as pulls plugs out of the soil and places them on top reducing thick thatch loosening the soil.

Dormancy = When the Plant/Turf is no longer in the growing stages and no longer pushing nutrients or moisture throughout the plant.

Drought stress = when the root system is lacking enough moisture from preventing the plant from going into dormancy.

Germinate = To Grow.

Heat Stress = when the plant is actually burnt from over exposier to the sun or other heat sources. Commonly mistaken as drought stress.

Overseed = To apply grass seed to the top surface of the lawn.

Plant = could be referred to as a grass blade, flower, shrub, tree etc.

Rotary Spreader = A spreader with a flat paddle above the tires and below the hopper that the product falls onto before dispensing it onto the lawn.

Thatch = Thatch is a tightly interwoven layer of living and dead tissue existing between the green vegetation and soil surface. It is composed primarily of products from stems, leaf sheaths, and roots that are fairly resistant to decay.



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