Most people don't think to stop the production of crabgrass before it starts. It falls into the category of out of sight out of mind. I know I am usually busy with other things and tend to forget all about it until I pull into the driveway and see it. Then it suddenly hits me like a brick. Man I forgot to treat the lawn with a crabgrass preventer.
If you forgot to do it last year then you know exactly what I am talking about.

There are three things that are very important to remember when it comes to crabgrass.

1) a large portion of crabgrass can be prevented by following proper cultural practices such as mowing at the proper height, watering properly and most importantly maintaining a thick lawn. Crabgrass germinates mostly in the thin/bare areas and thrives off of heat so if the conditions are right then it will probably be present in those areas.

2) A crabgrass preventer should be applied in the spring. As with most other lawn care situations, timing is very important for crabgrass prevention. It is best to apply a crabgrass preventer in the spring. A crabgrass preventer a.k.a a barricade needs to be applied at certain soil temperatures or it may not work to it's full potential.

The soil temperatures should be beween 32 and 50 degrees to work properly. I know your asking, " How do I know what the soil temperatures are". Click the link to find out. The reason for this is because crabgrass will begin to germinate when the soil temperatures reach 50 degrees for 3 consecutive days.
Crabgrass preventer will still work after the soil temperatures have reached 50 degrees but keep in mind that the affectivness of the preventer will be diminished with each passing day.

3) Do not ingore the problem of crabgrass. As a lwan care professional I prefer not to apply an products to a lawn that are not necessary. If the problem is igniored until later then it will be more difficult to control the now existing crabgrass. This will require more products, more time and ultimately cost more money. As I have mentioned before, I am here to save you time and money and crabgrass can be costly to control if ignored.

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